People about Jeffy’s Apps

    - Fun Educational Apps:

    "We think Jeffy's World HD can offer great support for parents and teachers and is a great alternative to building your own 3D model. It allows kids to visualize, explore and interact."

    - Apps for Homeschooling:

    "Verbally explaining how the rotation of the earth leads to day and night, how the sun rises and sets, how the earth tilts on its axis, creating the seasons, and other basic astronomical principles can be difficult with children. Most of the time you really need a model to show your children what you’re talking about, and that is what Jeffy’s World provides."

    - Best apps for kids:

    "With all the fun animations, smart science and interactive scenes, your kids are going to want to live in Jeffy’s World. This educational app for the iPad is one in a Jeffy series of apps that explain educational topics in a fun, easily understood way that kids actually like."

    - iPhoneGlance:

    "The app interface is great, the animations are a nice touch to get kids learning quickly and easy. The sound fits prefect with the app and is somewhat relaxing. I did however took a minute or two to get a grasp with the app but that was before I went to “how to play” section that gave me enough details to get going.

    Jeffy’s World HD is a unique must have app for kids and it is highly recommended by us."

    - PadGadget:

    What I liked:I’ve reviewed and played with a lot of apps and this one is truly unique with an opportunity to learn things that are actually more than just simple trivia.

    To buy or not to buy: If you have an inquisitive little person that isn’t satisfied by ‘because I said so’ as an answer to their questions, this is an app they will really enjoy.

  • - 4appHungryKids:

    "This was a fun app to explore. I homeschool and my two oldest kept begging to keep playing with it. They loved learning and seeing (right in front of them) how the earth 'tilted' and went around the sun. This would be great to have in addition to any curriculum when learning about our earth or seasons (and much more!). It's not just for homeschoolers - if your kids keep asking those questions you aren't sure how to answer - How does the earth turn, how fast does it go around the sun, how come we have seasons, etc - then you want this on hand! I love having this around and it was actually fun for me (as an adult) to explore too. It's not overly complicated or 'too busy' as some apps are. This is perfectly balanced with simplicity and yet so much information so the kids actually see what they need to see and noting complicates it. I recommend!"

  • - Jeroen:

    "Nice app and sweet but poor Jeffy, he sure isn't lucky!"

  • - Sabine:

    "Wow, pretty cool that this app helps explain all about the moons orbit and rotation to an 8 year old! (and his mom I admit) "

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